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Confident Strides Forward

Karmantik means craftsmen and our craftsmen create magic! We bring to you exquisite handcrafted footwear. Our shoemakers are working hard to make the perfect traditional handcrafted pair of shoes- just for your soles. Each pair enwraps a story of its own, from the interiors of rural India.

The next time you wear a Karmantik, know that you are helping sustain livelihoods and a rich history of traditional Indian handcrafted footwear. Our collection consists of limited edition footwear using faux leather and fabric curated from different weavers and artisans across India. Each time you put your Karmantik foot forward, be assured it is simply the finest.

What we do, How we do!

Build awareness and sustainable solutions to revive the gradually fading craft of shoe making.

Aim to foster livelihoods for the cordwainer and his family. Work towards bringing economic sustainability for the shoe making community in Rajasthan and Delhi.

Collaborate and build a community run and managed production centre. Open avenues for employment of the youth and the women.
Develop reliable partnerships with shoe makers and encourage the craft by providing a nurturing work space.

We curate hand printed and hand dyed/ woven fabric from all over India and get our cordwainers to create the perfect shoe, just for YOU. (look at us rhyme!)

Handcrafted for your Sole

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The Team

Apoorva Kamat

Apoorva is an alum of Gandhi Fellowship and Young India Fellowship. Her love for shoes and admiration for craft is what drives her to work for this cause everyday. She is a coffee lover and a dreamer apart from being a pleasantly inappropriate person.
When asked what kind of shoe would she be, she replied that she would be a yellow shoe with blue laces, “ because who doesn’t love a happy yellow shoe??!”

Sruthi Niveditha Kande

Sruthi is an alum of the Young India Fellowship and an ex-Google employee. She wakes up every morning with the thought of empowering the artisan community one step at a time, literally! She loves long walks , turtles and origami cranes!
When asked what kind of shoe would she be, she replied that she would be an aqua green sandal, “for no reason whatsoever!”



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